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“Each for all.”

Antonio Pulvino, company founder)

The rich witness of this company’s history is administered and cared by Antonio Pulvino founder and inventor. Pulvino is Head of the company and is responsable company tradition, alive and always updated, that contribute to valorise the region’s territory of Sicilia, where is headquarter based.

The invention, that changed mr Antonio Pulvino’s life but also the company’s history, was Sypacare.

Whether it regards our collaboration with the multinational companies, our product development, our ongoing relationships with the customers, our participation in congresses, everything we do is a reflection upon our company’s mission and the man who founded it. 

Today, Efora is active in the development, manufacture and sale of medical equipment including accessories, related to the different areas, in particular anaesthesia, critical care and in the rehabilitation phase and/or during the long-term care.

The Company’s purpose includes the following: manufacturing, packaging, buying, importing, selling, exporting, storing and trading in general, for its own account or on behalf of third parties,medical device, medical equipment and all related items.

To that end, the company offers an expansive range of products and services from the sales contract, to rental, to in-service management.